Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel Clarification

So, I really have been overwhelmed with the amount of coverage on the internet and other media outlets about Miss South Carolina and her rousing speech on Education and the lack of available maps in America. There have been a lot of interpretations of her speech, but I think Jimmy Kimmel really hit the nail on the head with his clarification of Miss South Carolina...

Everything else is going really well. I survived the 2 weeks of band camp insanity and so did most of the kids. Avon Grove was in the Poconos and it was awesome. We were totally secluded from the rest of the camp and could focus on the job at hand. We got all but 3 sets on the field marched and playing. Not too bad and about 15 sets ahead of last year apparently. We put the last 3 sets on last night at rehearsal back at school. It was quite an experience to go through the whole creative process and see people moving in dots instead of dots on the computer screen.

East's camp went well. Despite the crappy weather, we got all of the drill on the field. We are performing the first 3 songs tonight at the first football game. They are doing a really nice job. The brass line is already playing at the level they were at the end of last season. That excites me to see where they will go from here. There are still a couple of kids who are just not buying into it and aren't getting any better. I have to find a way to motivate them. Any suggestions?

The East football team is supposed to be in for a looong season this year. That does not excite me. They have a new coach for the first time in 20 some years and he has a very young group of starters. They are going to be a far cry from the playoff team of last year.

Plus , there hasn't been anyone close to Matt Schaub... Go Texans!

The hardest thing this time a year is to try and NOT get too excited about the Phillies. This is almost impossible to do after they completed a 4 game sweep against the Mets yesterday. One of the greatest games of the YEAR!! This weekend they are in Florida against the Marlins who always play them tough. 2 games out of both the division and wild card. Should be an exciting finish.... but I'm a realistic Philadelphia fan.... I won't get my hopes up TOO much.

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