Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shenanigans are everywhere


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A shenanigan is a deceitful confidence trick, or mischief causing discomfort or annoyance. The term is usually used in the plural, shenanigans. However, in some regions, shenanigans can merely refer to harmless mischievous play, especially by children.

The origin of the word is unknown but possibly originates from the Irish sionnachuighim, meaning "I play the fox."

Shenanigan or shenanigans can refer to:

There have been several shenanigans today.

This morning I woke up and went down to the Italian Market with my Dad and some other family. I've been there a bunch, but never after I got engaged. I think there is some kind of right of passage in my family that is never spoken of. Getting engaged/married is equal to your life ending. You are no longer allowed to have fun unless you are with the guys doing things like the Italian "Men's Night" at the Club or hanging out down at the market. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely excited about getting married. And I laugh at people saying "why would you do that?" But they keep coming.

Shenanigans - Marriage is gonna be pretty freakin sweet. If you're not happy, you probably are with the wrong person. Don't assume that I will be unhappy just because your life sucks.

After I got home, I worked on the Avon Grove show some more. I thought all I had to do was incorporate the color guard and take a couple of kids out of the drill who had dropped since I was given numbers. WRONG. I get an email from the percussion guy talking about all these changes and what the music is doing for his parts and about some rediculous drum rack that is being built. We're not the Blue Devils people, this is a shitty group with an even shittier drum line. There is no reason to go all out like this. Then he wants to put the pit on the active field instead of in the PIT.

Shenanigans - If you wanted all of this stuff in the show, you should have informed me about it 2 months ago when the chain of emails were going around about the drill and design. Trust me, I didn't exactly go all out in the writing. 1. It is my first full outdoor production and 2. THE GROUP ISN'T VERY GOOD!!!

Heather is away right now for her final trip with the family she is nannying for this summer. I know it may sound mushy or whatever, but I really miss her a lot. We can't talk much cause the crazy mom and kids keep her so busy. Plus she is out on Arizona and 3 hours behind. She is always my go to when things are stressful, so it has been a difficult week with no venting.

The Phillies have been fighting back this entire game tonight. It is now the bottom of the 9th with one on. Time to finish rooting.


Kevin McGuire said...

You're engaged so you'll be getting wisecracks and jokes thrown your way a lot, but it's all good. People are happy for you and that will ultimately be the best thing.

I know what you mean man. There have been times when Stef wasn't around that were kind of tough because I've felt a little alone, but I guess that just means you're in love. It sucks when they're away but it makes seeing them again all that more special.

How's that for a mushy comment?

Go Phills.

BigManYo said...

yo mike whats up!!!!! Yeah about the drumline, yeah the "percussion guy", his name is Scott Weyman and he can destroy you in anything you want to compare him as. The drumline at Avon Grove is different then your normal cocky, un-energetic, selfish pitty drumlines. We have souls and we all love what we do. We love being together and being one. Yes your right, we mess up, were not the best, but you know what, were never as ignorant as you ever. So let me make this clear, you make the drumline look like fools, you make the band look foolish, were not letting that happened. So in other words enjoy it, or get the out. And pit, i want to see you carry a cymbal for an hour straight and play, you laugh, it's harder then you think, so next time I hear your bashing this band, certainly if it's the drumline, I will let you know who this is and ill make sure you won't see me again, or hopefully you again.
-Avon Grove Red Devils