Friday, August 10, 2007

New Blog

Well, I realized today that I miss having a place to put my thoughts and feelings. I'm always reading my friend's blogs and thought this one would serve my purposes well.

Things always get busy for me this time of year, but this year is a little different. I am still teaching at West Chester East with the marching band. We are doing West Side Story as our theme this year. It promises to be a championship caliber show. I am confident with the group we have on paper plus the staff and the program we put together that we have the potential to be very successful this fall. It always boils down to the kids, their desire, and their commitment to excellence. They have always had the desire, but only time will tell if they want to take the next step toward success. I just know that every year at Finals we have kids disappointed that they didn't get a higher placement, but the next year rolls around and they are still making the same mistakes that we corrected all the previous year. This year I was also presented with my first opportunity to write drill for my own show. I was contacted by the director at Avon Grove High School about writing and teaching for their production of The Lion King. It was an opportunity which I could not turn down. They are strictly a football band, non-competition. And they're really not all that good. However, it provides me with the opportunity to go through the entire creative process on my own and write a show according to my own parameters and desires. It was quite an adventure, but I am really happy with what I put out. We start camp on Monday with new member basics and some sectional work and then go away to the Poconos for 4 days on Thursday.

Soooo the next few months promise to be interesting to say the least. I'm going to try to update this as I go with randomness, things in my life, and (of course) marching band.

Feel free to put any and all comments on here. Just like the nature of a blog, I am not here to censor your opinions and comments.

As always, Shenanigans Welcome!

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Kevin McGuire said...

Welcome Mike to the world of Blog, Population: Growing. I look forward to reading about your marching band stuff. Shenanigans. Funny.