Friday, September 7, 2007

Difficult Week

Well, to say the least this has been a difficult week. Last Friday Heather and I received a call saying that her Mom was being taken to the hospital after being found unconscious. Neither one of us even panicked too much since her Mom was frequently in the hospital. We went to the East football game and out to eat with the staff and received another call from her Uncle this time saying we should get to Hershey. Without any further delay, we hurried out there to meet up with Heather's grandparents and see her Mom.

Bonnie Konek was still unconscious and would remain so. She passed on Tuesday morning after several days of fighting before being removed from the machines which were assisting her (as was her wishes.) After a difficult weekend of ups and downs and a lot of tears, Mom Bonnie could finally rest after years of pain and sickness. There was some upside to it after all. She can rest...

I have been debating with myself for several days as to if I would even post about this on here. As much as these blogs can be a forum for public opinion, they can also be a spot for venting and emotion. I chose to use this blog as the latter. As little as I knew Bonnie, she was always someone who had a great love for her children and was willing to welcome anyone into her life with open arms. She did this to me the moment Heather and I started dating. She was the first one we called when we got engaged and it hurts most that she will not be there to share in the events of our lives. Marriage, kids, all will be a little bit strange without Mom Bonnie there to share them with us.

Always in our hearts, never far away... we will miss you...

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