Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We laid Heather's Mom to rest on Monday to end the saga that has been this week and to start the healing process. It was a very difficult day, but I could not have been more proud of Heather for her strength all the way through the process. She even read a poem at the funeral service. As she was told by a number of people, "I never could have done that." I've played for funerals but never had to speak. In my opinion, speaking is a lot harder. Musically you can lose yourself a little bit and hide behind the stand to not see all the people looking at you but when its just you and a microphone in front of all of those people... yikes. I am so proud of her and her family for the strength and love they all gave each other through all of this. There aren't too many families like this one and I am very excited to become a part of it.

Tuesday was September 11th. Its been 6 years since that horrible day. It was a normal day just like any other. At least it was rainy for the morning. It allows you to feel the mood you want to feel on a day like that. I'm sitting here now watching World Trade Center for the first time. As much as I hate Nicholas Cage, this is pretty well done. The confusion and drama of the day seems to be captured in the way you thought it might actually have happened. Who really knows what it was like down at Ground Zero that day, but at least there is something to try and capture it.

Things are going pretty well otherwise. I am extremely proud of the kids at East for the way they have been working the past 2 weeks. It paid off on Friday night with a fantastic performance at the OJR football game. This week has been choppy with having off today for the Jewish holiday and then a game on Friday. Avon Grove had rehearsal on Tuesday. I swear those kids have zero energy to rehearse well by the time 6:30 rolls around. I was running around like a crazy person trying to keep their energy up and get a little bit of worth out of the 3 hour rehearsal. Its really a shame that they don't apply themselves because they could be a really decent group. They are at times and they play VERY well, but they don't apply themselves mentally or physically.

I leave you today with a video that was passed along to me by one of my students and is just simply awesome and rediculous. I'm a nerd, but I do so love DCI and Phantom Regiment.


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