Wednesday, February 18, 2009


After watching Alex Rodriguez's press conference yesterday, I stopped feeling so bad for him and started getting mad.

10 days ago Rodriguez was mentioned in a Sports Illustrated story on steroids and was accused of using during the 2001-2003 seasons. The following Monday, he held an "interview" with Peter Gammons of ESPN and admitted to using some sort of Performance Enhancing Drug (PED). Gammons failed to push anything but basically let Rodriguez talk about his reasons for taking this PED the amount of pressure that he felt when signing the largest contract (at the time) that any MLB player had ever signed. He proceeded to talk about the reporter from SI, Selina Roberts, and how she "stalked" him and his family and that the Miami police had arrested her and forced her off of his property on multiple occasions. Rodriguez did what he wanted to do. He started pulling on the heartstrings of and Americans who had their hearts broken time and time again by their baseball heroes. He made Americans, myself included, start to wonder f the steroid era was ever going to end.

It will not end until MLB implements drug testing to the highest level - blood. Without testing blood, players can still use such drugs as HGH to enhance their level of play. How much do these drugs help? I don't think we'll ever have an answer to that.

Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be the savior of baseball. After Barry Bonds "broke" the career Homerun record, those who thought he cheated said "Don't worry! A-Rod is coming! He's going to break that record and leave no doubt as to who the true HR champ is!"

Now how are we supposed to feel?

After his initial chat with Gammons, more and more facts started coming out about Rodriguez's lies. Selena Roberts was never arrested on his property. He used a substance from 2001-2003 that he KNEW was illegal.

A-Rod died yesterday with his phony accusations and apologies. His "cousin" supposedly provided him with a PED called "Bole" which is sold over the counter in the Dominican Republic, but illegal in the United States......

Let me repeat that.

but illegal in the United States......

Wouldn't that tip you off?

A-Rod is no more. A-Rod was the savior of baseball. He was going to pull us out of the dark days of the steroid era and into a new time of clean baseball. All that remains is a mere shell of the "greatest player who ever played the game."

A-Fraud - Alex Rodriguez - 3rd basemen for the New York Yankees

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Kevin McGuire said...

All will be forgotten about Rodriguez when Ryan Howard takes control.

Go Howard!