Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

Like most Eagles fans, I'm trying to sort this out in my head, so I thought I would put some thoughts down on paper. I welcome your feedback and opinions on this.

OK, so while I don't condone anything that Michael Vick did, he was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the crimes he committed. Vick served his time without incident and has done everything asked of him along the way.

I think we need to look at this as a football signing. From that standpoint, this could be great for the Eagles. Vick was a superstar talent when he last played in the NFL. It seems that Vick paid his dues, is remorseful for his actions, and is ready to return as a public figure.

The endorsement of Tony Dungy was a huge reason for me thinking this way. Dungy's reputation in the league is that of a man of God who treats every living creature as his equal. Not to mention he's an excellent football coach! I don't think that Dungy would put his reputation on the line for Michael Vick if he wasn't completely sure that Vick was reformed in some capacity.

Just a few thoughts of mine, and granted it's very early since this news broke. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts. For myself, 2 more things this weekend will continue to help form my opinion. 1) The Eagles press conference on Friday morning at 11. I hope they will talk about how they plan to use Vick on the field, and what support they will have for him off of it. 2) The 60 minutes interview on Sunday night with Vick and James Brown (The football analyst, not the Godfather of Soul).

I just want to reiterate that what Vick did to those dogs was a repulsive act and he deserved every bit of the punishment he received. But, the American legal system is there for a reason and with him serving the time he was given, does he deserve a 2nd chance? I'll leave that up to you.

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