Sunday, February 15, 2009

MIKE ARENA thinks facebook is taking over the universe.

Facebook is a juggernaut. Every time I jump on this behemoth they try and pass off as a "laptop," Facebook is usually my primary destination. It is a central point for me to catch up with old friends from high school and college AND see who has recently been recruited as a pirate or a vampire. It is an easy way to make people aware of fundraisers the band is doing or make them aware of my 25 greatest random moments (even if I haven't filled out that survey yet).

Facebook is slowly making any and all social interaction mute. There is no need for formal emails or phone calls, just post on my wall! Thinking about going to the bar and hanging out? Don't bother, you can buy me a drink on here! When my birthday rolls around it can really help you out. You don't have to go buy a card - just post a friendly "happy bday" on my wall. Now you don't have to interact with the person at the card shop or grocery store. PLUS you can buy me a present through Facebook. This saves you from any interaction with the clerk at whatever store you were going to buy me something from!

This is just one frightening example as to how Facebook is taking over the universe. I'm on board and if you're reading this, you probably are too. The succubus that is Facebook continues to grow with every friend request. But don't worry people. In a world of text messaging and email there always has to be another level. What could possibly be the next tier of descent for our society? Only time will tell.... unless someone has already posted that update! I better go check...

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