Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Tuesday

Well, Super Tuesday has come and gone. Obama had a great showing! He won the most states and the most delegates on the day, but is still behind a bit in the overall delegates total. I am optimistic that the 4 states coming up in a couple days will help pull him closer.

John McCain has all but solidified his nomination on the Republican side. He destroyed everybody on Tuesday. Not much more to say about that.

Heather and I have recently gotten into the show Lost. Alex was kind enough to let us borrow the first 2 seasons and we have been flying through those discs! The show is strange but very addictive. I am hoping to get caught up in time to watch some of the new episodes from this current season on TV. With the writers strike still going on and nothing much on TV but American Idol, Lost has been a nice change of pace for us.

Rumor has it that the strike might be over soon, possibly as soon as this weekend. They really want to get it resolved before the Oscars which are on February 24th.

Why is this month spelled so strange? F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y. Seem strange to anyone else?

Work is going really well. I am loving the freedom of being on the road and still involved with music. It is a lot of driving since all of my accounts are in New Jersey, but with the company car on its way, that won't be a problem for much longer. No more car payments, no more insurance payments, no more gas, no more maintenance. That is going to save SO much money in the long run.

Spring has always been a nice relaxing time for me, but this spring has been anything but. Don't get me wrong, I love being busy, but between the new job, East indoor and the wedding things have been really insane. So what did I do? I added one more thing. I had a conversation the other night with a woman who has been working with the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football Team to organize a pep band and drum line to play at all of the Soul home games this year. It sounds like things have been going well and the numbers are picking up, but the rehearsal time and space are limited. I am heading into Philly after Indoor rehearsal on Saturday to check out the rehearsal and see what the status is and where it is going. I offered to help in any way I could and the organizers were all too happy to accept. So, if anyone is interested in being a part of it, you would get into all the home games for free and get to hang out and play fun pep music with people of all ages. There are openings on all instruments, especially drum line. I think Kevin might be the only one who reads this and he is already coming, so prove me wrong haha.

That's it for now. More shenanigans later.

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